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On Trust

You know, trust is pretty important to me. I put a lot of faith in the people I trust. Much of the ethos and structure behind free software is based upon trusting people. This has always been important to me, and part of the fabric of my life, long before I ever joined our community. […]

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Talking Heads

Great first day of the Ubuntu Open Week yesterday. My initial smugness about the number of attendees was over-shadowed by the smug-overdrive that I launched into when we had over 340 attendees in some of the classes. Smugr 2.0 beta. Seriously though, I am really pleased with how many people have come along, and our […]

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We kick off with…

…240 people in #ubuntu-classroom for the first session of the Ubuntu Open Week. Wow!

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Ubuntu Open Week is here!

Well, the Ubuntu Open Week kicks off this week and we welcome everyone from all walks of life, distros, skills, opinions and curiosities to come along and get involved. The aim of the week is to help grow the awesome Ubuntu community, and we have a fantastic menu of events lined up. This is a […]

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Ubuntu Open Week

(sorry for the rapid stream of blog posts, normal service will resume soon) Recently I have been working on a series of IRC events to help get new people into our community. As such, next week (Mon 27th Nov 2006 – Sat 2nd Dec 2006) the Ubuntu community holds our Ubuntu Open Week – a […]

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Thank the lord above…

…because my phone is back. Same phone number. If you know me and feel your number should be on my phone, text me with your name. I can then update my rather empty phone book. Thanks!

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Jokosher: the road to 1.0

Well, Jokosher 0.2 has been out for nearly a week and we have been getting some excellent feedback. The main aim of the 0.2 release was to kick out something that early adopters could test and give us plenty of feedback about what works well and what works not-so-well. Much of this feedback has been […]

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The experiences of a technical author

You know, jet lag sucks. Jet lag combined with ill health sucks even more. As such, I woke at 4.30am this morning, wide awake. I headed into our company IRC channel and got chatting to some others about writing books. It struck me that this kind of discussion could be useful to others, so I […]

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No idea…

…why my posts are staying at the top of the various planets. I am looking into it. Sorry folks.

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Ubuntu t-shirt and book auction for charity

The awesome ubuntu-uk LoCo team are having a charity auction of an Ubuntu t-shirt signed by Mark Shuttleworth, Jon “maddog” Hall, myself and some other folks. I have also signed a copy of the Official Ubuntu Book and thrown that in to the auction prize. The good cause that will receive the funds is Children […]

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