Rock on

Lovely email from Frank Armstrong:

Hello Jono,

My name is Frank Armstrong. I am very happy to tell you about how your wonderful list saved me tons of hours of frustration. Rich Johnson, from Chicago, has been a super help to me. I’m just now taking the time to learn the ropes for Kubuntu, and he has solved several amazing problems for me. I can’t tell you have happy I am to know there are real heroes left in this tech world. I will keep in touch with him and eventually, make myself available to assist newbies to the Linux way of life.

Thank you so much for providing your wonderful resource list. Please encourage the updating of it. It will be a life-saver for many I’m sure. It is a real blessing.

Great work Rich! I agree with Frank. :)

It is people like these guys that are making our community kick ass every day. :)

  • nixternal

    Hey Jono! Wow, wasn’t expecting this one at all. I thought it was cool he found me through the LoCo List. Just so anyone knows, hit me up as nixternal anywhere, and if I am around, I will help you out as long as I can 😉 <- winky smile!

  • Bordy240

    Hell, I know you’ve helped ME a ton Nixternal.. now if I can only get this pesky update working! Was even thinking of including a mention of you when I finally figured everything out enough to compile a decent list of aides for Ubuntu new guys for my blog…. mention, not name, because I am sure you dont need my dumb friends harassing you as much as I have been 😉


  • nixternal

    go ahead and send them my way. If I can help I will, and if I can’t I will try and find someone who can. Glad I could help you out Brody, and your update issue just isn’t with you. I found out the gksu deal is bogus on a lot of machines as well. But we will find you a solution nevertheless eventually.

    As long as I can help, and make somebody understand the philosophy of Ubuntu, and recognize that without each other, there is no success, there is no “us” essentially. I was provided Ubuntu absolutely free, with no strings attached. I am one of those people who believe that I should: 1) Do on to others, as I would want them to do to me. 2) Freely I have received, freely I should give (Matthew 10:8) 3) I signed the CoC, I understand it, I understand Ubuntu, and I understand the commitment to freedoms we can’t get with proprietary software.

    With that, I want others to understand, and w/o force. I want to provide an enjoyable experience because I know just how frustrating Linux is in general, especially when you are new. But those people who throw patience to the side, roll up their sleeves, and rock out, will not only do fine with Linux, but will have the same feelings and commitment, and will someday contribute to the next person. And now that you have “freely received,” soon you will be able to “freely give.” One great big circle of Ubuntu 😉 <- winky Jono!

  • Frank A

    When going to your website, I was so surprised to find my comments posted on the front page! I have never felt so honored. Thank you for letting others know of the great community of help we can depend on to get our systems working well.

    My deep thanks goes out not just to Rich, but all the wonderful people who also contribute to this fabulous distribution of Linux. I can say I whole-heartedly support the philosophy this community of users and developers embrace. Being a computer tech for many years, I can tell you I have never been this excited about an OS before. I could say so much more, but I’ll save it for another time and place. Thank you all!