UDS, Internet people, get involved

The Ubuntu Developer Summit has started, and don’t forget you can participate with VoIP and Gobby. Head to this page to find out how to take part. The schedule for the different specs are generated on each day, so check every day for the next week to see which specs are scheduled for each day.

  • rob enderle

    Why wont the UDS have me speak?

    There is so much about Linnux I could teach people.

    Why take a chance on terms like GDL and open sandals that no one understands with a concept that has produced inferior products when I can explain to you how the OS could be as good as Win ME if only it used proprietary components.

    I, Rob Enderle, am the greatest speaker on the subjetc of Linnux and you fools will pay dearly for not listening to me for not following the paths of Novell and Lindows.