Don’t trust him

Christian Schaller is an idiot. He tripped and fell into a bin. Thats right, a bin.

  • David Nielsen

    Wow that was random…

  • Tristan

    Did he trip over the ghost pads?


  • Anonymous

    I thought he was quite balanced being in to capaoera (or however you spell it). I bet it was quite funny, infact being able to humiliate some one via your blog says a lot about his character. Imagine doing the same to Hans Reiser, that’d be an entirely different matter.

  • MacSlow

    @ Anonymous: It is spelled “capoeira”.

  • imbrandon

    HAHAHA Rock on, That /was/ {funny,interesting}.

  • Matthew W. S. Bell

    Bah, I’ve fallen into much more random things. A garden for instance.

  • Johan

    I bet it was a playbin.

  • Chris

    I bet “bin” means #! /bin/sh


  • Rob

    LOL. Right, because we all know who Christian is and why you think it’s so funny that he fell in a bin. Word to the wise, don’t post after you’ve been drinking. Just an observation.

  • BilboEd

    Even when he’s not at the office, Christian makes my day :) We want him back !!!!

  • rob enderle

    For a second there, I thought you were talking about Kevin Carmony but then I remembered how much you love to brown nose the guy.