UDS nearly done

Well, the UDS finishes up tomorrow, and lots has been going on. Ready for some bullet points? READY? OK, you got it you filthy bullet point fiends:

  • The spec about unifying resources with Launchpad was very productive, and there was some discussion of it being rolled out for planets and user maps. This will not only make LoCo teams easier to set up, but could also mean things like maps of teams and users, support networks and more. Cool stuff. Nice to meet the Launchpad guys too – cool bunch of hackers.
  • LoCo mentoring was also great, and Melissa and Andrew represented their respective teams superbly. I am really proud of the honest feedback from the LoCo mentoring pilot. We now plan on writing up some best practise points to help develop the scheme and then roll it out. Mentoring is a big deal across the wider project too, so this should be interesting.
  • Great progress has been made with forums governance, and everyone has been doing a great job here. Mike and Roald have been particularly helpful, honest and detailed in their efforts.
  • A design has been built for easy codec installation in Feisty, which should make life much easier when a codec package is not installed. Click an MP3 and Ubuntu will tell you what needs installing. Nice.
  • Some discussion of an implementation of PulseAudio has been discussed also. Lennart is a fascinating guy to listen too and his feedback and guidance has been invaluable. This will be a phased implementation as the problem is rather complex and we don’t want to screw anyones sound up. That would not be good.
  • After mistakenly showing a few people Jokosher, which turned into a small crowd, I was cajoled into a demo in front of everyone. This was made more difficult by (a) my laptop not working with the projector so resorting to a forwarded X connection, (b) Jokosher bugs, and (c) sound from my laptop speakers. Despite such treacherous conditions, people here are pretty excited about Jokosher.
  • We had some great discussions about Ubuntu conferences and how to provide user events. Nothing is confirmed or decided on yet, but there was discussion about lots of LoCo driven events as well as a main user event. I am going to flesh the details out about this over this coming weeks. This is really exciting stuff.
  • Google food is amazing. I wonder if the food at Alta Vista is this good. I suspect not.
  • Marcel pointed out a little keyboard light on my Thinkpad that I never knew existed. Yes, I know, stupid.
  • Rumours of bottle dancing are untrue and merely an attempt to abrupt further Ubuntu progress by a devious splinter group. Don’t trust them, even established note-takers such as Joey Stanford.
  • I have been out every night with the folks having some good food, plenty of beer and plenty of fun. This is community at its best.
  • Loads more…

Right, its late and I need bed.

Before I go, Jokosher fans, dial in with VoIP to the Jokosher Telepathy BOF that is happening tomorrow (Fri 10th Nov) at 9am California time. Details for hooking up to the BOF can be found here.

  • http://joey.ubuntu-rocks.org/blog/2006/11/10/uds-day-4pm-5/ Joey Stanford » UDS Day 4pm & 5

    […] Back to business: Jono in this post has commented on most of what I was going to contribute. I’d like to echo the sentiments on one of the more important specs: Unifying LoCo Resources w/ Launchpad. This is very exciting to me because it will create the beginnings of a web based LoCo management system. If this spec is approved it will add further justification to fully localizing Launchpad so that non-English teams will be able to better use the system. Of course, this is probably dependent on fully localizing Rosetta. I have to admit, I am very impressed with Danilo and Carlos of Rosetta/Launchpad. They have really gone out of their way to help this summit. […]

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