Jokosher 0.2 Released

Yes people it has finally happened. I have just written up the announcement:

The Jokosher team are proud to announce the second pre-release of their simple yet powerful audio studio for the GNOME desktop. The new 0.2 version of the software has been in active development since July, and has packed Jokosher with the core features to perform full audio recording and production on the Linux desktop.

Jokosher sports the following features:

  • Intuitive, usability focused interface – Jokosher has been designed from the ground-up and every detail has been scrutinised for ease of use and flexibility. This has resulted in a simple and intuitive environment.
  • Full multi-track recording – record from your sound card on a number of instrument tracks, and rename, mute and solo those tracks. Jokosher also supports multi-channel sound cards.
  • Full mixing – instruments can be mixed, soloed, muted, panned and more, as well as controlling the master volume.
  • Volume Curve Mixing – with an intuitive selection system, you can easily draw volume curves that occur in realtime to produce an unlimited number of fades and volume control.
  • Non destructive editing tools – Jokosher includes a range of editing tools including splitting, trimming, moving and volume control point snapping. All editing operations are entirely non-destructive
  • Effects Support – support for LADSPA effects can open up your projects to all kinds of creative opportunities. Multiple effects can be layered together, and each effect can be fine tuned to get just the right setting.
  • Effects Presets – in addition to LADSPA support, you can load and save effects presets, making it easier to find and reuse of those all important effects combinations.
  • Extensions – Jokosher includes support for installable extensions. This allows third party developers to make their own extensions with our extensions API. Jokosher also includes an Extensions Manager to track which extensions are installed.
  • Metronome – a configurable metronome click track is included to keep you perfectly in time when recording.
  • Intuitive instrument management – Jokosher provides a unique method of minimising instruments for specific mixing requirements.
  • Extensive documentation and community – the Jokosher team have worked to create manuals, tutorials, FAQs and other documentation, as well as growing the Jokosher community on the forums (

In addition to these features, the Jokosher community have worked to make the application available in a number of languages, including Chinese (China), Danish, Dutch, English (Philippines), English (United Kingdom), Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Welsh.

Want to give it a shot? This is still a pre-release, and it demands a very GStreamer which most distros right now do not ship, but we have made things easier. Head over to the Download page and grab the run script. This script automates the process of checking out GStreamer CVS alongside your current GStreamer, grabbing Jokosher and making everything run fine. This is a great way to give Jokosher a run.

We still have some docs to merge, but check out the Jokosher 0.2 User Guide. We have also opened up a community documentation wiki for our users to write their own HOWTOs and guides for using Jokosher in different ways.

Also, do get involved in the Jokosher Forums. The forums are a great source of help, and a great place to post links to the music and podcasts that you have created in Jokosher.

Finally, I want to thank the awesome Jokosher development team and testers, the translators, the docs team, and our friends in the GStreamer team for fixing our bugs. This is sure to make this version of Jokosher rock hard.

Now the road to 1.0 begins…

  • BJ

    Cool! Can’t wait to use it! Unfortunatley, That install script didn’t seem to work on my edgy install. E: Unable to find a source package for gst-plugins-base0.10, that seems to be relevant.

  • infodroid

    You really ought to consider changing the name. It doesn’t sound right for an audio studio.

  • Treenaks

    Your imageshack bandwidth has expired 😉

  • jono

    BJ – yeah, if there are bugs, we will issue a newer script. Keep an eye on to see if that is your bug.

    infodroid – wha?

    Treenaks – fixed. :)

  • infodoid

    I was suggesting that you come up with a better name for Jokosher.

  • Corey

    Does 0.2 support recording multiple instruments simultaneously yet?

  • Monty Full

    Dude, you gotta change that name!!

    I mean, we all know FLOSS/GNULinux freaks have the kworst ksoftware knames, but even LAME sound better than this.

    Can I use this software if I have a foreskin? How about on saturdays? Will muslims be too afraid to use it?

    Joshariah isnt a solution nor is Jojehovah or Joniggah (the non racist version for all of u who are ready to explode).

    If youre going for the ‘make-it-sound-as-stupid-as-possible’ angle to guarantee people will remember it, then it is a brilliant move. We ran it by about a dozen people in our lab and everyone cracked up.

    That’s the beauty of FLOSS, you dont have to worry about aesthetic things like names, interfaces and such.


  • tom

    @Corey “Full multi-track recording – record from your sound card on a number of instrument tracks”

    I presume thats what you want?

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    […] Par défaut, Ubuntu comporte un lecteur audio, un enregistreur de son, un créateur de CD audio, un extracteur de CD audio… mais pas de logiciel de production audio. La team Jokosher a donc décidé de palier ce manque et s’est lancée dans un logiciel de production audio qui se veut complet et facile d’utilisation. Et je dois dire que le résultat est vraiment bluffant : l’interface du logiciel est claire (clairement Gnome devrais-je dire) et les possibilités sont très étendues, pour une version de pre-release. Au menu des possibilités : un mixer complet, l’enregistrement multi pistes, des outils d’édition non-destructifs (couper/coller/déplacer…), l’application d’effets (avec des effets de votre créations ou des effets pré enregistrés) et un métronome. Cerise sur le gâteau : Jokosher est disponible en français ! Pour installer Jokosher, il vous faudra une version récente de GStreamer. Mais pas de panique, les devs ont fait ça de manière très simple, à travers un script qui va vérifier tout seul votre version de GStreamer, installer celle qui va bien s’il le faut, installer Jokosher… SI vous n’avez pas Ubuntu, vous pouvez installer Jokosher bien-sûr, mais il vous faudra installer les dépendances manuellement : voilà la méthode complète. Et pour les heureux utilisateurs d’Ubuntu (Edgy ou Dapper), voilà le script à télécharger. Une fois le script téléchargé, faites un clic droit sur le script, choisissez l’onglet Permissions et cochez la case “exécution”. Maintenant vous pouvez double-cliquer sur le script pour le lancer, et installer Jokosher en un coup de cuillère à pot ! Pour l’utilisation de Jokosher, un guide d’utilisation existe déjà, ainsi qu’un wiki et un forum. Et pour connaitre les dernières nouveautés concernant Jokosher, voici un lien vers le site officiel. […]