Phone gone

Just a quick note, my phone has been lost. My faithful companion has provided hours of entertainment, but it is now lost somewhere in San Francisco airport. So, if you try to call me, you will either get my answer machine message, or some guy who will try to sell you it for $6.

For the next week or so, email is your friend.

UPDATE: My new phone arrives on 21st Nov with the same number.

  • sil

    You numpty. Hope you can transfer the number :(

  • Danilo

    I hope it at least happened because of a girl. 😛

  • Nathan DBB

    I got my phone back from airport lost&found a MONTH after I had lost it. Just send them a picture of the phone type and write a nice note. I have also dropped it in the snow and had it mailed to me after the thaw. Nokia bar phones are tough.

    I hope that a Nokia will come out that syncs with kontact or evolution as well as my 3650 syncs with Apple’s Mail prog. Until then, I hope I keep getting this thing back.