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Phone gone

Just a quick note, my phone has been lost. My faithful companion has provided hours of entertainment, but it is now lost somewhere in San Francisco airport. So, if you try to call me, you will either get my answer machine message, or some guy who will try to sell you it for $6. For […]

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Jokosher 0.2 Released

Yes people it has finally happened. I have just written up the announcement: The Jokosher team are proud to announce the second pre-release of their simple yet powerful audio studio for the GNOME desktop. The new 0.2 version of the software has been in active development since July, and has packed Jokosher with the core […]

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Practical PHP and MySQL, boo yah

Well, my new book will be published any time now: This is my third book, but the first that I have written entirely myself. I am pretty pleased with it. A sample copy was here when I got back from San Francisco, and it looks schaweeeet. The book takes a different approach to PHP/MySQL development, […]

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Video report of UDS

While at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) the week before last, I took part in an interview with Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier about the UDS, community and Jokosher. He has written up a report, complete with video interviews with myself, Matt Zimmerman, Murray Cumming and Mark Shuttleworth. Check it out here.

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Show me the way to go home

Astute readers may have observed that this has been a quiet week for my blog. Well, there are a few reasons for this: Firstly, we have just performed a server move, and I wanted to keep the databases synced. We have moved from two separate VMs to a dedicated box. This move was due to […]

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Jokosher bug-fixing update

I figured it is time for a Jokosher update. As many of you will know, I have been at the Ubuntu Developer Summit for the last week at Mountain View, and I am now in San Francisco at our Allhands company summit. Jokosher really rocked at UDS, and lots of people were interesting in our […]

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UDS nearly done

Well, the UDS finishes up tomorrow, and lots has been going on. Ready for some bullet points? READY? OK, you got it you filthy bullet point fiends: The spec about unifying resources with Launchpad was very productive, and there was some discussion of it being rolled out for planets and user maps. This will not […]

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Dog 2.0

Nearly at a week into my two week jaunt over here in California. Having a great time, and naturally missing Sooz and our little doggies. So, Sooz uploaded an update on the pooches which I know some of you will like. Its odd, I spoke to four people today who knew all about our dogs. […]

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UDS so far

Well, I have been at the UDS for a few days, and there is lots of stuff going on around many different parts of Ubuntu and the community. Prepare for one of my rather ugly bullet-points-lists-of-ultimate-doom: The UDS spec process seems pretty decent. People register specs, session timetables are generated, discussions happen, drafts get…er…drafted, things […]

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Don’t trust him

Christian Schaller is an idiot. He tripped and fell into a bin. Thats right, a bin.

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