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UDS, Internet people, get involved

The Ubuntu Developer Summit has started, and don’t forget you can participate with VoIP and Gobby. Head to this page to find out how to take part. The schedule for the different specs are generated on each day, so check every day for the next week to see which specs are scheduled for each day.

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Rock on

Lovely email from Frank Armstrong: Hello Jono, My name is Frank Armstrong. I am very happy to tell you about how your wonderful list saved me tons of hours of frustration. Rich Johnson, from Chicago, has been a super help to me. I’m just now taking the time to learn the ropes for Kubuntu, and […]

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Off to UDS

Tomorrow I fly out to San Francisco to the Ubuntu Developer Summit. This is cool for two core reasons: The Ubuntu Developer Summit and its discussions, people, specs, and other fun stuff. San Francisco is the birthplace of thrash metal. ’nuff said.

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GStreamer Dynamic Pads, Explained

(for an intro to GStreamer, see my previous article) You know, one thing that gets people confused in GStreamer is the idea of Dynamic Pads. Some elements, most notably the decodebin and gnlcomposition only have certain pads at certain times. This is because they figure out what kind of content they are processing, and apply […]

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What more could you want? Christopher Lee on Breakfast on BBC1, talking about Manowar and Rhapsody. My house is filled with power metal right now… All men play on 10, never gonna turn down again.

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Jokosher Bugs now on Launchpad

After some discussion earlier today, the Jokosher team have decided to use Launchpad as our bug tracking system. We have been having some troubles using trac’s ticketing system, and Launchpad has a number of benefits for us: Anyone can register and submit bugs. We can share triaging across a team of developers. The same login […]

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Jokosher screenshot

A bunch of you wanted to see what Jokosher 0.2 is looking like. Here is a screenshot:

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Community Specs at the Ubuntu Developer Summit

Well, on Saturday I fly out to San Francisco with Scott James Remnant for the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS). As many of you will know, a bunch of specs have been suggested for the UDS, and I figured I should highlight some of the community based specs that some of you may be interested in. […]

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