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2006 Retrospective

This time one year ago, I was peering into 2006 wondering what the year would bring. Back then I worked at OpenAdvantage as an Open Source Advocate. I knew 2006 would be a challenging year, and back then I was gritted and determined to help push free software and myself as best as I could. […]

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I have released a new song – Reflections. Not the usual thumping metal but a good-time acoustic tune. I am quite pleased with it, and it is quite different to my usual style, even the acoustic work I have done. Download the Ogg or MP3. As usual, the rest of my music is at Recreant […]

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Five pointless facts

I normally don’t do memes, but I figured this one from my friend Mark Johnson at Microsoft may be interesting. So, I have been trying to think of things you lot may not know about me, and I have come up with the following: I am related to Ronan Keating – My nephew Jack (the […]

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Using Gnonlin with GStreamer and Python

I actually started writing this tutorial back in September but have been hugely busy and not got round to posting it. Well, I managed to pull my finger out and get it online. Enjoy! Friends, a while back I posted a short tutorial to get you lovely people up and running using GStreamer and Python. […]

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Raise a glass

Well, its late on Christmas Eve and I am a bit drunk and about to get to bed. I just wanted to say a quick Happy Christmas to everyone! This has been a roller-coaster of a year for me, and a lot of people have helped it to run smoothly. A quick thanks to the […]

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Know your limits

I suck at coding. I really do. Its odd y’know, as when I was a kid I really, really wanted to be a good coder, the whole idea of writing code and running programs excited me. The idea of controlling the raw power of that 386 got me all-a-fruity sometimes. Not for want of trying, […]

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Site updates

Just a quick housekeeping update. I made some changes to to tidy some things up: Speaking Events – Speaking events are listed much more clearly now, and I have also added my current schedule of events for the first few months of 2007. Its gonna be a busy year, so do keep an eye […]

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Another post outlining something that seems rather cool, but unnoticed. Last time it was Flightgear. A mail to the LUGRadio email address pointed to a media player called Exaile. It is a GTK based media player using GStreamer, written in Python, and aims to be the same kind of kitchen-sink media player that Amarok is […]

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Getting the new tune…

…is proving difficult right now as Recreant View is having DNS problems. is also having the same DNS quirks. I have copied the new blastbeat-double-bass-drum-metal-tastic tune to so you can grab it. So, to hear Take The Test, go and download the Ogg or download the MP3. Normal service should be resumed shortly. […]

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Stuff and nonsense

Wow, seems my last post is stirring up the debate, which is great! Thanks for all the excellent comments you folks have added to the the post. Its late here so I will wait until tomorrow to post some replies in the comments. In the meantime I just wanted to announce my new tune for […]

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