Shameless self-plug, not too dissimilar from my orange-haired friend:

Practical PHP and MySQL has got a great review from Application Development Trends magazine. In summary, the review says “If you want to learn PHP and MySQL and follow along with some useful real-world examples in the process, this is the book for you”. Thanks folks!

Don’t trust me, trust them, get out there and get the book, and don’t forget to review it, at least on the Amazon page.

  • David Nielsen

    Jono with all possible respect, Planet GNOME is not for shameless promotion, not for your book nor your OS – extensive Ubuntu coverage should be tagged for Planet Ubuntu only that is after all where your target audience is.

    The occasional personal post is fine, but you have flooded Planet GNOME with Ubuntu Infrastructure posts and now promotion of this book of yours for the better part of what 2 weeks now on a near daily basis. Can you please limit yourself just a tad so that you don’t drown posts about GNOME?

    The strange thing is that before you started this flood, I was actually on your side with regards to personal posts on planets, it’s a great way to get to know people. But this have nothing to do with getting to know you, this is shameless promotion akin to spam.

    I plead and beg you to save the planet.

  • jono

    David – sorry you see it that way – the last week or so has been quite an intensive Ubuntu week, so there has been more Ubuntu posts. None of this is shameless promotion, it is work I am actively involved in. Just skip over the posts. Rest assured more Jokosher posts are coming soon. :)

  • Ben

    who crapped up his ass and died?

  • mrben

    Can I suggest, particularly following the talk on Planets in LUGRadio the other week, that you setup a category in WordPress for stuff that should go on Planet GNOME, and then have that as the feed that it subscribes to. 😉

    Oh, and the social bookmarking thing – far too many of those :(

  • OnAnon

    Can I suggest planet ARSEHOLE. Where you get to know all the arseholes who spam poor folks (who like to pimp their work) blogs with complaints. Oh wait planet meldrew, now there’s a thought…:grin:

  • Super Mike

    Speaking of PHP, you know, I’d like to see more PHP opportunities open up at Ubuntu rather than just Ruby and Python gigs. I’ve about had it with my employer, thinking of leaving, and I’m looking for PHP, PostgreSQL, and MySQL gigs. I’m a USA citizen with great experience, and because of the 2000-2005 market downturn my salary is now fairly low enough to be competitive again.

  • KB

    Since when  do technical books skip the proofreading and editing stages to go straight to publishing?  While I applaud the concept of your book, it is terribly coded and full of many syntax and typographical errors!