Dime: Never Forget

Almost to the day a few years ago, Dimebag Darrell was killed by a crazed fan. I remember minutes before going into an important meeting at OpenAdvantage and getting the news. I was utterly gobsmacked and distressed over it for a few days. He was probably the single most important influence on my own music, and like many other fans, I felt like I knew the dude everytime I saw him in music videos or listened to his work. He wasn’t just another metal guitarist, there was something different about Dime. I am just pleased that I could mark my own personal respects to him by playing with Seraphidian at a tribute gig for him. A small mark of respect for the huge gifts he gave me as I grew up.

The world should never forget Dime and his incredible contributions as a musician and a fantastic and inspiring guitarist to all of us. Rest in peace brother!

  • Hype

    The weird thing about this is that i was a big big fan of dime like 10 years ago; Since, a few years i’m more into eletronic music, Drum and bass. But i still remeber how i felt when i heard the news not so long ago … It was a part of my young days that was just smashed by a stupid “fan”. Nice to see people remembering such a man.

    Ps: when selling/carrying weapons will be forbidden in the U.S.? :s

  • http://cookedmode.com Vinod Chandran

    Yes I remember the day when I heard the news. It sounded too much like someone’s twisted idea of a joke. When some people pass on they tend to scar you in a way that defies definition. You’re scared in a way, because your world is emptier, quieter, and shorn of their sense of invincibility that you’ve made your own. When John Peel passed away, his death affected me to an equal degree. I can’t claim to have know either of them, but their uncompromising styles and their strength of character made a lasting impression on my soul. I mourn them like I would the passing of a member of my own family. And sometimes even more.

  • Dusty

    I remember this being especially significant to me as, not only had Dimes been a significant influence on my guitar playing but, I found out about the same time that my mother was terminally ill too.

    It seems kind of caustic (these and a couple of other major events made for a very black few months) that I should see two major influences in my life die a few months apart but I think the important thing is that we appreciate just how they’ve influenced our direction whether it be music or our whole lives.

  • http://blogs.gnome.org/pvillavi pedro

    i remember that day… when i was searching something in the tv and suddenly i saw “Miembro de grupo de Metal Pantera asesinado” (Member of the metal band Pantera killed), i think “oh god that maybe was Phill” but i never never never imagined that Dimebag was killed… it was totally shocking for me since Pantera was one of the firsts metal bands that i ever heard and it blows my mind…

    We will never forgot you Dimebag!

  • http://www.jessejoe.com/ jessejoe

    It’s cool to see some fellow Linux users remembering Dime. He was also probably the biggest influence on my own guitar playing as well. He’s probably the most creative guitar player I’ve ever heard. I made a quick little collage the week he died some of you might like http://jessejoe.com/gallery.bak/gal/Various_Others/bigdime.png . Miss you Dime!

  • vasp

    Good to see people remembering. Got drunk in his honor this weekend. Ironically I can’t remember our night remembering him..

    Oh well.. Thats how he would have wanted it 😥

  • http://ubuntustudio.org/ CoryK.

    Man. Its so weird to me that this is still real. I keep think it was some odd dream I had once.

    I just hope Phil and Vinnie make amends some day.

    Stay Metal \m/

  • http://www.jameshooker.com StikkitJim

    Well said Jono…

    Walk came on in the union on Saturday and the place went mental for dime.

    lost a good man.

  • nordle

    “Almost to the day a few years ago”

    I think you mean, a couple of years ago. For someone who was so mortified by the passing of a legend, I would have thought you would remember the year!

  • jono

    nordle – I do remember…I remember exactly, but the point of the blog was not the specifics between few and couple, it was the memory of dime.

  • nordle

    jono, I enjoy your writings, some of your music and your talks, but you seem to find it virtually impossible to say “yeah, got that wrong”.

    What kind of argument is it to say “the facts were not important about something I hold very dear to my heart”. A years difference, 365 days, is important. I mean why take the effort to write “a few” instead of “a couple”.

    The sentiments are still there granted, but it detracts from the feeling to say “I really care about this event/person, but can’t remember when it was, or can’t be bothered to be more specific”.

  • jono

    nordle – hang on a second, have we got different interpretations of the word ‘few’ – in my mind the word few means between on and five. Do you you interpret it differently?

    And, I do accept I can be wrong, all the time. I have written posts in the past to admit when I am wrong, such as the stupid post I wrote about forming a KDE development team when I was younger, the recent post I wrote accepting I am not a particularly good coder, admitting I was wrong over a Linspire article that I wrote and other things.

  • nordle

    I must apologize for completely losing the plot! Sorry for being a tit, I have no idea why I was bugged by half a sentence, truly bizarre!

    How close was I getting to OCD? “How dare you not spell out the exact time in years, preferably to the nearest second”

    I need to increase the medication again :)

    I don’t think a few can be between one and five though, single apple, couple of apples, a few apples, 1-2-3.

    Anyway, hope Christmas was good and new year will be! I’ll let you know when(if) I find the plot again.

  • jono

    nordle – no worries! :)