Seeded Drum Test

Recently I have been working on a new song which is very intense on the drums. Tonight I managed to nail it all in time, resulting in pretty achey legs. Anyway, I figured I would put a sampler online as the song won’t be ready for a while due to Christmas. Download the 30 sec drum test (sorry it is MP3 but its late and for some reason vorbis creation is broken on my studio computer right now).

This has got me thinking about how we can better facilitate practice into Jokosher. To get the drums right I have just been rehearsing like mad with a metronome, and I am positive Jokosher could be expanded with its extensions API to support little programs for making practice better. This way Jokosher stops becoming just a recording tool but takes on life as a rehearsal tool as well. The extension API is already out there with our 0.2 release, so this may be food for thought for some people. Rock on. :)

  • Jonathan Turner

    Cool licks, Jono.

    Desperately need better drum samples, though. You’re so tight it sounds like a drum machine now.

  • jono


    I am looking to upgrade to a TD-20 – the cymbal sounds right now sound a bit too electronic, and it does make it sound like a drum machine, which is frustrating when you have fed hours of practice in there. I played the same song on the TD-20 in a drum shop and it sounded much better.

  • felipe

    No no no! That is not music my son! That’s the devil I hear through my loudspeakers! 😉

    (my legs hurt too, just after hearing it, kudos!)

  • numpty

    Certainly reinforces the notion that drums really never should be heard on their own…

  • Jonathan Turner

    Another option would be to record straight to MIDI on your computer. Once you have the MIDI, you can go back over it with VST drumkits until you find one you like, but at least the performance itself is captured for you to experiment with. YMMV but we’ve been using Cubase 4’s VST Halion drumsets and think they’re much better than the standard Roland drum modules.

    It’s too bad Linux doesn’t have a widely-used VST implementation. It does have DSSI, which looks good, but lacks the vast variety VST enjoys on the Mac/Windows side.

    If you stick to recording the audio off your electric kit, no matter how good it is, you can’t do much with it afterward.

  • jono

    Jonathan – sounds interesting. I have never looked at additional MIDI-triggered kits. My drum sound is not exactly perfect, so I might look into it. Thanks!

  • Karl Lattimer

    /me nods his head with a meaningful scowl whilst raising his goblet of rock and making the metal sign.

    Rock on Jono, Rock on!

    One thing however, and this could be that its MP3, one of the drums sounds like a pnuematic drill, about 5-10 seconds in. Apart from that its a wicked kickass rhythm!

    Rock on!

  • Brent

    😈 |\m/|

    I’ve been fooling around with v0.2 of Jokosher, boy I love it, bugs and all. I think some pretty awesome achievements in UI has been made. I’d like to see some little widgets and what-not be integrated into the GNOME HIG, like the little green line that draws the wave form after recording a clip. It’s oh so beautiful. The wave form creation mechanism would be perfect in PiTiVi for example.

    Like you, I am a musician and a Linux enthusiast, so Jokosher’s an amazing project that I’ve been foaming at the mouth for quite a while. Thanks to the Jokosher team! Peace! 😀

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