Stuff and nonsense

Wow, seems my last post is stirring up the debate, which is great! Thanks for all the excellent comments you folks have added to the the post. Its late here so I will wait until tomorrow to post some replies in the comments.

In the meantime I just wanted to announce my new tune for all of you metal fans. This one has been a very physically demanding song to record on the drums, and I am quite pleased with it. Its 2.59 of fast paced, chunky metal – just what your mother always wanted you to listen to. Check out Take The Test. WARNING: explicit lyrics.

Also, today we released Season 4 Episode 8 of LUGRadio with interviews with Nat Friedman and Chris DiBona as well as your usual cacophony of gags and discussion.

Finally, congrats to Chris DiBona on the birth of his new nipper. Nice one Chris!

  • Brent

    Holy sh!tballs my head just asploded jono. Metal! |\m/| 👿

    Was this done with Jokosher?

  • Félim Whiteley

    Hmmm seems to be a problem reaching it… is the server down ? Or DNS not working… possibly my end but I don’t think so. :roll:

  • jono

    There is a problem right now with DNS it seems – not sure what, but I think it is out of my hands. Dammit!

  • Brent

    I think it was the digg effect..

    😳 I’m the one that killed the page when I submitted it to digg, sorry!

  • jono

    No worries Brent! Will be back soon. :)