Getting the new tune…

…is proving difficult right now as Recreant View is having DNS problems. is also having the same DNS quirks.

I have copied the new blastbeat-double-bass-drum-metal-tastic tune to so you can grab it.

So, to hear Take The Test, go and download the Ogg or download the MP3.

Normal service should be resumed shortly. Hopefully.

  • Karl Lattimer


  • wam

    lol, seems like I can feel the “humanity to others” power in me when I’m listening to that beautiful song

  • jpl

    To promote the free OGG format, why not encode both the OGG and MP3 at the same bitrate? The OGG is 160kbit while the MP3 is 128kbit. Thusly, the OGG will be a smaller download, encouraging people to use the free format. Just a thought.

  • Allix

    Another great release :) I like the tight sounding guitars

  • rillian

    jpl, the metadata in the ogg file say it’s trancoded from the 129kbps mp3, so it’s just was well the bitrate is higher. Doing a clean encode would be the first step in encouraging use. :)