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Features vs. Freedom

This entry is my opinion and may not represent the views of my employer, Canonical. Recently there has been a lot of discussion bubbling up regarding the possibility that Ubuntu will ship proprietary 3D drivers by default for some video cards. My aim here is not to discuss the specifics of that decision, which is […]

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Jokosher interview

Kings of true multi-track recording, Laszlo and Luke (by day they hack Jokosher, by night they fight crime) have been interviewed about Jokosher on the Linux Action Show. Check it out!

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Seeded Drum Test

Recently I have been working on a new song which is very intense on the drums. Tonight I managed to nail it all in time, resulting in pretty achey legs. Anyway, I figured I would put a sampler online as the song won’t be ready for a while due to Christmas. Download the 30 sec […]

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Dime: Never Forget

Almost to the day a few years ago, Dimebag Darrell was killed by a crazed fan. I remember minutes before going into an important meeting at OpenAdvantage and getting the news. I was utterly gobsmacked and distressed over it for a few days. He was probably the single most important influence on my own music, […]

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Shameless self-plug, not too dissimilar from my orange-haired friend: Practical PHP and MySQL has got a great review from Application Development Trends magazine. In summary, the review says “If you want to learn PHP and MySQL and follow along with some useful real-world examples in the process, this is the book for you”. Thanks folks! […]

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Sensationalism takes a choke-hold

Oh dear. I used to like reading Groklaw and admired it for its accuracy and straight-down-the-line reporting. Recently though, I have felt it has become too much of a pulpit, and this post is just sensationalist clutching at straws. Now take the story over to Slashdot and it seems the headline is more important than […]

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Speaking engagements

Well, I have some speaking engagements lined up. Right now they are not on my speaking page, but I plan to add them soon. They are: Jokosher – Mon 11th Dec 2006 – West Yorkshire Linux User Group, Leeds, England – Aq and I are presenting the latest from the Jokosher project. How to Herd […]

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Post Ubuntu Open Week Shazaa

My friend and yours, AusImage, has tidied up the Ubuntu Open Week logs into this nice collection of formatted logs. There is some incredible content, help and tips in there about all aspects of contributing to Ubuntu, such as packaging, MOTU, documentation, community, launchpad, Kubuntu, bug triaging, ports and more. There are also Q+A sessions […]

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One of the perks with free software is that every so often you find a free software nugget that just captivates you with surprise and completeness. All of us have stumbled across applications and projects that we never knew existed, and been pleasantly surprised at devilishly cool they are. Well, here is another one. A […]

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Modifiying GStreamer pipelines in PLAYING

Recently there has been some discussion in the Jokosher team about creating an abstraction for our main GStreamer pipeline. Jokosher is probably one of the most complex Open Source GStreamer applications out there right now, and managing the state of the pipeline is becoming complex. In GStreamer the pipeline has different states – NULL, READY, […]

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