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Another win

Wow, kudos to the Novell team for their recent roll out of Linux desktops and servers, and great timing too! It is case studies like this that are really helping Linux and free software to shape the IT world.

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How To Herd Cats And Influence People…video action

Well, the video of the very first, virgin performance of How To Herd Cats And Influence People is now available. This is a talk I will be trotting around the world at conferences. This was filmed on Thursday 18th Jan in Sydney at The talk discusses some of the core issues in building strong […]

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Seraphidian videos YouTube’d

First I get and now I am using with YouTube. Wow, watch me go! Next I will need a Faceparty and Livejournal account… So yes, last night I uploaded some content to YouTube, and it is all video footage, music videos and a documentary about my band Seraphidian. This was all filmed when we […]

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Interviewed on Linux Action Show

The other day I did an interview with the fellas on the Linux Action Show. They are nice guys, good fun, and the interview covered my work with Ubuntu, Jokosher, my new book and lots of discussion. Go and download it.

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Solo music MySpace site launched

Well, it was only a matter of time. I have joined the MySpace revolution and set up for my solo music project housed at Recreant View. This year I have set myself the goal of growing awareness of Recreant View, and MySpace seems like one piece of the puzzle. We already have a Seraphidian […]

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Annoyed, really annoyed

I am astonishingly pissed off. Really, really pissed off. Ten minutes ago I discovered that Decapitated (my second fave death metal band) and Hammerfall (second fave power metal band) played 12 miles away from me this week and I never even knew about it. How incredibly frustrating.

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N800 shazaa

Like many others, my N800 has arrived after I was also one of the lucky few who got recommended for the get-an-N800-on-the-cheap developer programme. Nice device, and a big improvement on the 770. It feels more sturdy, is much faster, and the UI feels more mature. It is nice to see that Nokia commissioned a […]

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Usability and GNOME video from LCA

On the Monday at LCA, there was a GNOME Love session as part of In this session a bunch of us shouted out things to discuss, and I shouted out ‘application design and usability’. What I didn’t realise was that shouting out a suggestion mean’t volunteering to talk about it. Oof! So, I got […]

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OpenXML sneaks up behind ODF – lets make it stop

OpenDocument Format. Everyone seems to love it. It is a guiding light in a heavily locked down world, in which it can secure the freedoms of document interoperability and prevent against the often unknown risks of vendor lock-in. With ODF, you can make the decision about what you do with your data by using an […]

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Metal drummer required, enquire within

As some of you may know, I am in a metal band called Seraphidian. We play thick, chugging metal that is fat, rhythmic and groovy. We inspire from bands such as Nevermore, Overkill, Pantera, Messhuga, Fear Factory etc. We have recorded two EPs and a full length album called Caged which you are welcome to […]

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