Brits, sign this official petition

For all you British people, you need to sign this official government petition that is against software patents. Ex-pats can sign it too.

Click here to sign the petition.

This is important, head over and do your thang.

  • Rob

    The “Ban DRM” petition is also of note

  • realist bob

    its not official. anyone can create a petition about anything. its just that the government have made it easy to petition them, which is nice…if you actually believe that they care what you think. But given the current government’s love of anyone with lots of money, I’m not sure I do believe that anymore.

    but I signed anyway

  • realist bob probably being a much more useful way of making your views known

  • Ciaran

    Erm site is down?

    The Jono Effect (TM)?

  • Andy Wingo

    Nuicance? Unenforcible? Bad spelling won’t help the cause, captain

  • jono

    Andy – I did not write it. And, I agree.

  • RobT

    hmm, maybe writing a different, more businesslike petition would be better.

  • Karl Lattimer

    Shouldn’t you also publicise this one?