Jokosher News II: This Time Its Personal

While the last blog entry is still smouldering with newness, I have some late breaking news that you lovely people should know about – namely about Jokosher in distributions and a brand spanking new extension.

Jokosher 0.2 is now available for Ubuntu Feisty and Arch Linux. Inside those distros, just install the package and run it. All the dependencies are there and Jokosher 0.2 is ready to roll. As usual test, report bugs and discuss.

Secondly, the inimitable John Green has created a new extension that demonstrates the kind of stuff that Jokosher Extensions are great for. His extension solves the problem of importing audio into Jokosher and not knowing what tempo you should set the metronome click track to. with John’s extension you simply press play and tap the button in time with the music and correct tempo will be set. Sweet! As with all extensions, we encourage developers to tell us what API methods are needed that may be missing. In fact, John added the get_bpm, set_bpm, get_meter and set_meter methods to the API. As usual, the Extensions documentation is here.

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  • David Nielsen

    Jono, you can track the progress on getting Jokosher into Fedora here:

    Currently all that’s keeping people back is the lack of a gstreamer update, with polite poking and the promise of ample testing I’m sure we could get an update issued for FC6 and FC5 so those users can enjoy Jokosher.

    Oh and Ingo Molnar now officially supports his -rt real-time kernel tree on Fedora he even provides a nice yum repo for it. As you can tell Fedora is aiming to be one lean mean Jokosher using platform. Yes it’s all to please you.. (well not really.. okay not at all but it’s a nice bonus isn’t it?)

  • jono

    David – excellent news – Fedora is shaping up nicely for a Jokosher platform. :) All good news. :)

  • David Nielsen

    and it might help if I actually remembered to tell people how to get real-time, today:

    (as root) cd /etc/yum.repos.d wget yum install kernel-rt

    from now the regular update service will inform you of updates.

    It parallel installs with the standard Fedora kernel so if this one doesn’t boot (being in heavy development it does do that occasionally unfortunately) just go back and boot the known good stock kernel.

  • jono

    David – have you tested Jokosher on the RT kernel? If so, what is the latency like?

  • David Nielsen

    I have yet to install Jokosher on my machine, I really have no specific use for it currently but Jokosher is considered a killer application so why not indeed take an interest in telling people how to make the best of it. That being said latency meassurements for -rt is considerably lower, I can do meassurements if so desired just give me a test and I’ll provide results as soon as possible.