Oh dear

Just heard something amusing on one of my regular Internet metal radio stations. How on earth do people keep a straight face with lyrics like this from Great White’s Mista Bone:

And when she’s in the mood

When she needs that lovin’ groove

When she wants it rude

She grooves with Mista Bone

Hilarious. 😀

  • http://jerome.gotangco.com Jerome

    Yeah I remember that song. I used to have the first Great White album and cassette during high school and digged Once Bitten Twice Shy hahaha…

    ahh nostalgia.

  • Calum Benson

    You’re right, that’s awful– doesn’t rhyme at all.

  • jono

    Jeroma – har har!

    Calum – haha, made me chuckle there and spit out my coffee. :)

  • http://bluey.livejournal.com Mikey Cooper

    Isn’t that pretty much par for the course for any metal song?

    Acting like a robot Its metal brain corrodes You try to take its pulse Before the head explodes, explodes

  • jono

    Mikey – hahaha! Touche!

    Anyone else got any particularly bad lyrics?

    I think Given the Dog a Bone by AC/DC is worthy:

    She take you down easy Going down to her knees Going down to the devil Down down at ninety degrees She blowing me crazy ’til my ammunition is dry She’s using her head again She’s using her head She’s using her head again I’m justa giving the dog a bone Giving the dog a bone, giving the dog a bone Giving the dog a bone, giving the dog a bone


  • guzerat

    wow… that’s subtle

  • Mr b!

    Jono, don’t lie to us mate! They aren’t Great White lyrics, they’re your lyrics and you just didn’t want to “come out” as being a big homosexual wookie! 😆

  • jono


  • http://shrimphead.wordpress.com mph


    the AC/DC lyrics just made me spit Tea over my keyboard, I think they’re about -10 on my subtle-o-metre

  • Mista Bone

    I plead the 5th :)

  • Fetish

    There’s something to be said for crappy inyourface metal lyrics. If it wasn’t for that and gangsta rap, what would strippers dance to? Signed, A former stripper