Heading to Australia

On Friday 12th Jan I fly out to linux.conf.au. After 26 hours of deep-vein-thrombosis-flight-action, I will be there for the full week and will be doing two talks, one being the first showing of How to Herd Cats and Influence People on the Thursday and the second being Riding By The Seat Of Your Pants: The Jokosher Story at the gnome.conf.au event at LCA. See the Speaking page for the grubby details.

First time in Sydney, and Australia for that matter. I just wanted to send out a quick message to see if any LUGRadio/Ubuntu/Jokosher/other bods fancy meeting up. So, here is my personals ad:

Male, 27, athletic and handsome with sexy beard, likes to talk about computers and metal, drink beer and dance to either shit music or bone-crunching metal. Good sense of humour and cool hat.

If anyone fancies meeting up, either grab me at the conference or [tickle my inbox](mailto:jono AT ubuntu DOT com).

  • http://here.the.ycros.be Ycros

    Woot, see you there. (I’m an avid LUGRadio listener)

  • http://jerome.gotangco.com Jerome

    Sydney rocks indeed! Wish I could go to LCA maybe next year (though it won’t be in Sydney for sure)!

  • Colin Watson

    “either shit music or bone-crunching metal”: I don’t think you needed to bother saying the second bit …

  • jono

    Ycros – nice! :)

    Jerome – shame you can’t make it. :(

    Colin – you are still not forgiven for crimes against metal at the UDS… 😛

  • http://vulcano.mine.nu Miguel Ruiz

    Hi Jono

    LCA07 will be a great opportunity to meet many Ubuntu mates, talk about our LoCo project and music (I can suggest you heavy metal bands from South America).

    See you there…