Proof, at last

With Irish blood in my family, I always knew and assumed it was a custom to walk around with a pig under your arm. Its just the way life is. No-one believed me, and the cynics all stood afar indulged in mockery.

Well, I have proof. This has been here for some months, but I have never got round to posting it. Here I present Dave Neary, famous Irish gent and GNOME dude, holding said pig under arm:

See, I told you so.

Postscript – what makes this particularly amusing is that at the Fluendo beach party in Spain I asked Dave to pose pretending that he had a pig under his arm, but then realised the following day that my GIMP skills were so bad that I could not convincingly GIMP-in the pig. Dave “good sport” Neary stepped in to augment a pig under his own arm. Kudos to the Neary…

UPDATE: Sorry about the image problem, the pig has returned.

  • nathan

    I’m not really irish, maybe partially descended from Irish immigrants, but only maybe. However, I have been known to gimp photographs of Irishmen carrying Pigs under their arms, under my arm.

  • nathan

    Not that there is any certainty to whether or not there is Irish blood in our family, but I have been known to gimp photographs of Irishmen carrying pig under their arms, under my arm.

  • Ciaran

    I see no pig.

    I see no Irish Man.

    I see no picture.

  • Matthew East

    You really need to start putting these images on your own site!! Every time you post one it gets removed for extra bandwidth consumption… you are too damn popular.

  • Davyd
  • jono

    Sorry about the photo disappearing – I am going to look for a better way to host the photos – the problem with hosting them here is that our server gets hammered when I host a photo.

  • Ciaran

    How many had he had?

    The pig that is. 😀

    Suggest you get a leprechaun sitting on his shoulder for the next one.

  • Ade

    Flickr !

  • Alexandre

    The pig has gone again :)