LCA Talk #1: Done

Just did my first talk at LCA, this one about Jokosher. An updated version of my GUADEC 2006 talk, it covers the history of Jokosher, how it came about, thoughts on UI design and where we are going. I banged through the presentation and then topped it off with a demo and questions at the end.

Nice responsive audience, some good questions and some good discussion at the end of the session. Feel the Jokosher love people. :)

One thing Laszlo asked me to do in the talk was to really encourage more testing – the point of the current release cycle is to hammer out the bugs and get it rock solid. So people, head over to download it, test it and report bugs. :)

  • Dirk

    Nice talk, but your musical taste is atrocious.

    ….and I still think that Audacity is a valuable tool.


  • jono

    Haha, metal is not music, it is a way of life. :)

  • meaton

    I love the metal jono! very much enjoyed the heavy beats 😀

  • t3rmin4t0r

    I’ve termed that talk as the Jono Bacon’s – Breaking and Entering a community talk :)

    At least from the perspective of someone trying to get into a community and become part of it.