First Jokosher recorded podcast

Well folks, today is a first for the Jokosher project, and I present the very first podcast show recorded in Jokosher! To test the current state of Jokosher, I decided to record The State Of Jokosher one morning in Sydney while nursing a hangover (so forgive the rather tired, croaky, monotonal voice). This was recorded on my Thinkpad with a little cheap external microphone and a sock used as a McGyver style pop-shield.

The entire show was recorded, mixed and exported in Jokosher. This gives you a taste of the kind of stuff you can do with Jokosher. Recording this show has unveiled a number of quirks that I am going to report for us to fix. Real world tests like this really does help improve the project.

Do let us know if you have recorded anything in Jokosher, and post your work in the Finished Work discussion forum.

So, download The State Of Jokosher right now!

  • neuro

    Fantastic, Jono, another milestone! Looking forward to the day we can do hashlugradio in J! too!

    Having a regular state of jokosher podcast, incidentally, is a great idea – perhaps this is something a lot of projects could do, a weekly, monthly or quarterly podcast (depending on how popular and/or busy the project is) just letting everyone know where things are and how to contribute.

  • Michael

    Just listend to you podcast, cool stuff. I’m especially looking forward to cool user docs. You are very right to say this is a very important area. I am not an digital audio person but there were times where I wanted to quickly mix something up but I always failed because I don’t have the basic knowledge about the techniques I should use, e.g. how to do cross-fades and stuff like that. Jokosher has a very nice GUI but still I need some basic idea how to use it. It would be really cool to have some sort of video tutorials of this stuff!

  • Matthew Edmondson

    Congratulations! i have been following this since the discussion on LUGRadio. Well done, its really brilliant to have watched how fast this has developed and come to fruition. Awesome. Although it snowed a bit in the UK last night, its sunny and bright today. Still very jealous of the JB world tour. : ) nice one.

  • Froggy Oggy

    Why does it sound like hell — is it just my system? I tried w/ RealPlayer, xmms, and xine.

  • mrben

    Thanks for the show Jono – was really cool to hear how things are going.

    It inspired me to reinstall Jokosher (the install script is awesome ) and I’ll be writing up some of my thoughts of trying to replicate a simple task that I did in Audacity over the weekend.

  • jono

    mrben – fantastic! We really need help with testing, thats for sure! :)

  • RobT

    Jono, you seem to have turned Aussie!

  • Coot

    It is not the first podcast with jokosher. AFAIK the first one was episode 186 of TWATech:

  • Coot

    I mean 183 :-)