Open Carrier

Checklist for a song?:

  • Drum ‘n bass drums
  • 70’s cop show chunky wakka wakka guitar
  • Repetitive vocals
  • Creative Commons licensed

If you ticked all of the above, check out my new song – Open Carrier. Quite a departure from the norm…

  • Jon Ã…slund

    This was fun :smile:, but the drums were so boring. Not that I think you couldn’t do better, but I guess there is a reason for the popularity of and in electronic music.

  • jono

    First shot at dnb, so I am sure I can make improvements! :)

  • brian.leroux

    That’s rad dood. Dig the d’n’b sound.

  • mattl


    You should avoid the phrase ‘Creative Commons Licensed’ as it means nothing, as their licenses range from Full copyright right through to Public Domain :)

    PS. Sounds good.