LCA Jokosher talk video online

My first talk at which was about Jokosher has gone online in video form. The LCA A/V bods did a great job of recording this, and the video includes my main talk about the history and direction of Jokosher, a demo and a Q+A session.

Thanks to some of you for mirroring this.


Or use this bittorrent link.

As more mirrors are added, I will update this entry. [Mail me](mailto:jono AT jonobacon DOT org) with your mirror URLs.

  • Peteris Krisjanis

    This presentation really rocks. So easy to grasp un undestand :)

  • Nanda

    thanks for the video, are there videos of the other talks available too? couldn’t see anything on the conf website.

  • Job

    @Nanda you (probably) can check them here:

  • jorge

    Heh, the volume could use some normalization, when you got to the demo part my PC spewed BLISTERING DEATH METAL at a ridiculously high volume level. It was brutal.

  • Michael

    I have my old laptop running jokosher (but no microphone) and my brand new iMac with its built in iSight camera and microphone (but no ubuntu).

    Other than that, the show was great, and even without sound input, the app looks fun to use!