N800 shazaa

Like many others, my N800 has arrived after I was also one of the lucky few who got recommended for the get-an-N800-on-the-cheap developer programme.

Nice device, and a big improvement on the 770. It feels more sturdy, is much faster, and the UI feels more mature. It is nice to see that Nokia commissioned a second device – I assume the 770 sold reasonably well. I really do think Maemo is an awesome platform, and it is great to see it on another device. :)

Others have summarised the N800 pretty well, so I won’t bore you with that here, I just wanted to give my thumbs up to Nokia with it. :)

  • matid

    Out of curiosity – what’s the discounted price of N800 for devs?

  • http://cnuk.org/ mattl

    Are you able to give me a run down of the non-free elements, and work with me on a way to remove those?

  • jono

    mattl – discount price is around £65 compared to the £250 normal price. No idea what specifically are the non-free elements, you would need to contact Nokia.