Usability and GNOME video from LCA

On the Monday at LCA, there was a GNOME Love session as part of In this session a bunch of us shouted out things to discuss, and I shouted out ‘application design and usability’. What I didn’t realise was that shouting out a suggestion mean’t volunteering to talk about it. Oof!

So, I got up and discussed my views on usability, good design and making better applications. There was some interesting banter with the other folks in the room, and I think the (completely unprepared, unexpected) session raised some interesting issues that would be of use for most application authors.

As with the rest of LCA, this was videoed for your online viewing kicks, so go and download the video – my bit kicks in at around 12 minutes.

  • rudlavibizon

    this video is out of sync, aaarrgh 😯

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  • Matt

    That was quite scary, seeing a bunch of people, most with seemingly very little idea about design spouting off about ‘what usability is’ and how to design applications. Rather than trying to make assumptions about these things with irrelevant coding knowledge, I wish some of these people would just go and learn about design (layout, visual hierachy, visual communication) or psychology or information architecture or whatever. Some of the things mentioned in this video are fundamental mistakes that many are documented freely online.

    I would designer to make sure they know something about coding an application if they were going to talk about the best ways to do it. I wish it were the other way around too.