Seraphidian videos YouTube’d

First I get and now I am using with YouTube. Wow, watch me go! Next I will need a Faceparty and Livejournal account…

So yes, last night I uploaded some content to YouTube, and it is all video footage, music videos and a documentary about my band Seraphidian. This was all filmed when we recorded our first album Caged back in 2004.

Go and get your peelers feasting on:

Lots of live, studio, interview and stupid footage. :)

  • John Drinkwater

    facebook > faceparty just so you know which to sign up to next 😉

  • Dusty545

    Bloody hell, Jono! Tuned down to C#? How do you manage to keep it in tune and so tight? You must be two-hand muting like billy-o! Do you have a non-trem Rhoads?

    Love it!

  • jono

    Dusty545- well, we actually play in C now – we did go to B, but it sounded too messy. My Rhoads does have a trem but I never use it – the key thing is the pickups and the amp – I have spent years trying to find the right tone, and I am really pleased with what I have right now. :)


  • Rob

    gather them together with this:

  • Dusty545

    I had loads of trouble with the trem on my last Jackson when down tuning but I found that five springs in back and 10-52 strings helped a lot. Besides, I’m one of those rarities that has no problem with high actions and heavy strings if I’m sticking to playing rhythm. My next guitar’s having strung through and then I could probably hit Bb.

    Just remember, always have something dull yet sturdy to throw at the drummie when he loses the beat…. again.

  • jono

    Dusty – I used to play 10s with a high action, but I found that I could not do fast rhythm playing very easily – felt like I was playing a tree. So I use normal strings, adjusted my bridge and got pretty nice feel to it. :)

  • Mr b!

    I use the phatest strings known to man! You silly guitar type mentalists are always whinging on about stuff and junk.

    Yes, I have nothing intelligent to bring to this conversation. Also, I look damn sexy in those videos! 😆

  • jono

    mr b! – you are of course, full of shit. All the ladies know the frontman is the dude they want. Bassists? Pah! Bassists are not clever enough to handle those two extra strings… 😛

  • Mr b!

    Sir! I demand a duel! Handbags at 20 paces. Obviously, I’ll win. How do I know this? Well, your a guitarist so you’ll spend the entire duel posing! 😆

  • the_0ne

    Jono, those 2 videos kicked a**. How does one go about getting ahold of your first album, the one with the 2 songs on youtube?

    You are a rarity my man. Mixing linux-love and death metal-love is something that does not happen much. At least not that I’ve seen and been accustomed to over the years.

    Let me know about that album…

  • jono

    Thanks dude. :)

    Head over to to download it. :)