Another win

Wow, kudos to the Novell team for their recent roll out of Linux desktops and servers, and great timing too! It is case studies like this that are really helping Linux and free software to shape the IT world. :)

  • James Mansion


    Since when did ‘announced that … will deploy’ mean ‘recent rollout’?

    We’ve all heard declarations of intent before.


  • jono

    James – I am pretty sure a roll out this big for a company will go ahead – government stuff that has a tender period often gets delayed, but I am pretty sure that Novell have inked this one with a likelyhood of implementation. Lets keep our fingers crossed it goes ahead as planned. :)

  • Simon Stanford

    But Novell are Evil :smile:

  • Collin Doering

    I second Simon Stanford. Novel making a deal with M$ makes me hate them. I will never use a Novel product just like i will not use a M$ product 😉

  • jono

    Collin – I agree that the deal between Novell and Microsoft sucks donkey balls, but I think that a large Linux desktop rollout for such a public company is gonna be good news for Linux and free software. So yes, I agree Novell have screwed up with the MS deal, but that does not ruin their other good work such as this.

  • Josef Assad

    Jono. Given that the FSF is rumored to be going after Novell, it’s not difficult to make the case that Novell deployments could be at risk. Which means that, until the FSF makes itself clear, any free software deploy is a risk of creating eventual bad publicity for free software.

    As opposed to, as you say, “helping Linux and free software to shape the IT world.”

    It isn’t enough to say that you think the Novell/MS deal “sucks donkey balls”. I don’t think the free software community has space for the tiptoeing around Suse community feelings which we see so much from the ubuntu community. If the deal sucks, we don’t tone it down because they might get offended, and we don’t tone it down to compensate for Shuttleworth’s gaffes.

  • Collin Doering

    jono, sorry for taking a little to reply but i never noticed that you replied. The only thing that is really bad about the Novel M$ deal is that M$ is going to try and claim that linux is thier intellectual property…and we “stole” their ideas which is really backwards…i guess it does show one thing though…M$ is getting scared of the rising open source community and software 😀

  • Mark

    Get real dude! Microsoft rules.

  • Angela

    Microsoft is awesome. They are great at everthing they make.