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LCA Jokosher talk video online

My first talk at which was about Jokosher has gone online in video form. The LCA A/V bods did a great job of recording this, and the video includes my main talk about the history and direction of Jokosher, a demo and a Q+A session. Thanks to some of you for mirroring this. Download: […]

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Misinformation: The Enemy Of Community

Building and running communities is hard work. What is seen by some as simply a means of providing enough hands on deck to get things done is actually a much larger and more complex web of relationships, politics, resources and diplomacy. There are various factors that help community, and various factors that inhibit it – […]

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Open Carrier

Checklist for a song?: Drum ‘n bass drums 70′s cop show chunky wakka wakka guitar Repetitive vocals Creative Commons licensed If you ticked all of the above, check out my new song – Open Carrier. Quite a departure from the norm…

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N800 en-route

Tonight I got an invitation code to buy a discounted Nokia N800 under the developer programme. Thanks to whoever recommended me! Order has been placed and it gets here later this week. I am quite looking forward to poking around with it – looks like a nice chunk of hardware and an awesome platform with […]

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First Jokosher recorded podcast

Well folks, today is a first for the Jokosher project, and I present the very first podcast show recorded in Jokosher! To test the current state of Jokosher, I decided to record The State Of Jokosher one morning in Sydney while nursing a hangover (so forgive the rather tired, croaky, monotonal voice). This was recorded […]

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Crikey mate, LCA is done

Back from LCA, and I had a great time. The conference is very well run, captures just the right spirit and has a good range of things to do and people to talk to. Hats off to the organisers. Well, literally hats off, I lost my damn hat while at LCA… One of the fun […]

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LCA Talk #1: Done

Just did my first talk at LCA, this one about Jokosher. An updated version of my GUADEC 2006 talk, it covers the history of Jokosher, how it came about, thoughts on UI design and where we are going. I banged through the presentation and then topped it off with a demo and questions at the […]

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The man, the legend, Chris Procter has written up another Jokosher report on the Jokosher Forums. Chris is writing regular reports to fill you folks in on the specifics of whats going on with the project. Speaking of which, for you LCA bods – I am speaking about Jokosher tomorrow (Tue 15th Jan) at the […]

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Travels Schmavals

I have just spent three days at BETT in which OpenForum Europe had invited Ubuntu onto their stand. BETT is an education show, and a bleedin’ massive one at that, and we have given out a lot of Edubuntu CDs there. Thanks to Stephen Aitkin for inviting us, and particular thanks to Pete Savage for […]

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Proof, at last

With Irish blood in my family, I always knew and assumed it was a custom to walk around with a pig under your arm. Its just the way life is. No-one believed me, and the cynics all stood afar indulged in mockery. Well, I have proof. This has been here for some months, but I […]

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