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Oh dear

Just heard something amusing on one of my regular Internet metal radio stations. How on earth do people keep a straight face with lyrics like this from Great White’s Mista Bone: And when she’s in the mood When she needs that lovin’ groove When she wants it rude She grooves with Mista Bone Hilarious.

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Heading to Australia

On Friday 12th Jan I fly out to After 26 hours of deep-vein-thrombosis-flight-action, I will be there for the full week and will be doing two talks, one being the first showing of How to Herd Cats and Influence People on the Thursday and the second being Riding By The Seat Of Your Pants: […]

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Jokosher News II: This Time Its Personal

While the last blog entry is still smouldering with newness, I have some late breaking news that you lovely people should know about – namely about Jokosher in distributions and a brand spanking new extension. Jokosher 0.2 is now available for Ubuntu Feisty and Arch Linux. Inside those distros, just install the package and run […]

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State of the Jokosher

I think its time to jam some Jokosher love into your collective pipes. Ready for an update on the worlds funkiest multi-track editor that all the cool kids are talking about? OK, here goes. Recently the development team have been hammering on bugs, ploughing in new features and working on all of the services and […]

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Brits, sign this official petition

For all you British people, you need to sign this official government petition that is against software patents. Ex-pats can sign it too. Click here to sign the petition. This is important, head over and do your thang.

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