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OK, I have a few things to cover in this blog post, so hang tight. Dammit, that sucks – Unfortunately I have had to cancel my appearance at the Free Software and Open Source Days 2007 event in Turkey. I wish I could attend the event but alas, circumstances mean that I can’t. Apologies to […]

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The Big Red Recording

Well, on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st March 2007, I will be doing my bit for Comic Relief and charity – the Big Red Recording! I am going to record an entire album, that is, writing, performing and recording all instruments, all by myself, in one 24-hour session. None of the songs are written yet. […]

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Lies, lies and more lies

You know what, I hate cough medicine. Not the taste, no. Well, yes actually, it tastes like ground up donkey balls, but it is more the promise of cough medicine that irks me. Last week I had a rather nasty cough. It was contracted in Los Angeles, transported to Ireland where I tried to cure […]

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One of those little things…

Tonight I went to see Hammerfall play. It was awesome, as expected. While stood there watching the band at the front, a drumstick came hurtling my way and I caught it. Inscribed with Anders Johansson, I was rather chuffed, and kept watching the band, spinning the stick round in my hand. A little later, a […]

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I have been getting stack of people asking the same question, so just to be clear – no I am not at FOSDEM this weekend. The hectic travel schedule demanded a weekend off, so FOSDEM had to suffer unfortunately. Next year, I promise. Oh, and don’t believe any lies that Edward Hervey may tell. Don’t […]

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Red Nose Day charity stunt – suggestions on a postcard

I like charity stuff. Previously I have taken part in various charity events, the most recent being the shaving off of the beard for Amnesty International at LUGRadio Live 2006. On March 16th it is Red Nose Day and I want to do something fun for the event. I don’t exactly want to sit in […]

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United, not divided

We are all part of different communities. From our local communities (your street) right up to nationwide groupings (your political party, consumer demographics etc), we are all part of something. While many of the communities are non-interactive and just being part of the audience makes you a member, there are of course communities that we […]

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New Ubuntu community toys

I have always believed in open community processes. As I have banged on about in How To Herd Cats, those companies who have shown a commitment to open processes have been more successful in the Open Source and free software world. Here I am thinking of companies such as Red Hat, Novell and Canonical. Companies […]

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Herding Cats YouTube’d

Adam has done it again. Herding Cats lovers, curious people and those with nothing better to do can see the LCA presentation of the talk in full YouTube glory here. Thanks Adam!

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Ubucon Sevilla

On Sat May 5th in Sevilla, Spain, I am holding an Ubucon community event. The aim of the event is to have a full day of community based talks, discussions, BOFs and get everyone together to discuss and debate Ubuntu. Its going to be great fun, and the plan is to have a number of […]

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