Calling all Brits…again

OK Brits, time to call on you again. The BBC has an open consultation regarding its online services for making content available. Question 5 is whether this service should only be made available to Microsoft platforms. Naturally, this would be a bad idea for various reasons:

  • We should always encourage media consumption on all systems, using open formats where possible.
  • Being a license holder does not make an assumption that I am a Microsoft customer.
  • Being a license holder gives me a certain amount of leveragable opinion on where the BBC is moving forward, and as a public institution I feel it should be as open and accessible as possible. I would not expect my tax return forms to only be available in Word format, and I don’t expect my TV shows to only play on a Microsoft platform.

So, make your thoughts known people. This is the magic link for the consultation, so get along and fill out Question 5 with your views. :)

  • Chris Cunningham

    It’s ridiculous that they even have to ask this. I’d managed to convince myself of late that professional bodies would be laughed out of the building for proposing to tie new development to Microsoft.

    • Chris
  • Martin Coxall

    You would hope, but a cursory glance of the BBC Trust report reveals that the new trust is full of the same buzzword-bingo spouting corporate-whore shills and brainless cretins that made the board of governors equally idiotic and worthless.

    Actually, from my perspective, I don’t really give a damn, because BitTorrent gives me TV On Demand now, without DRM, or “download windows” or ties into WMP.

    Still, for those of you who expect better from Auntie: don’t bother. The people who run the BBC always disappoint, and the heartache isn’t worth it.

  • moody

    Even though i don’t reside in Britain, made the effort to come up with a long-winded argument, being “Extremely important. This question makes me wonder if BBC is being funded by Microsoft. To anyone with half a brain it would seem irresponsible and irrational to tie benefeting from public services -which have been duly paid for by non-Microsoft software users too- to wiring money to a commercial software vendor in any way.”

    All hail bittorrent 😉

  • Alex

    Although I agree it’s a stupid (poorly worded maybe?) question, at least it’s on their radar. I’m not sure it would have been five years ago. I’m guessing they’re having to do a bit of a balancing act here, let’s try to give them lots of sensible reasons for choosing something open!

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