Make videos, win stuff

We all like ‘free’, both free as in speech and free as in beer, well how about free as in “cool little device”?

Technalign (producers of Pioneer Linux which based is on Kubuntu) and Canonical have hooked together for a competition for all you orange sunglasses wearing, kilted, Lost-loving video makers, and the rest of us who fancy a go at making videos. Send in a decent video and you could bag a prize.

The videos that they are looking for are be between 60 and 90 seconds long, and are based on the ideas, thoughts, ethics, development processes, colours or people in the Open Source world. The objective is to produce a video that encapsulates some of the above, and makes for essential viewing. Well, essential viewing while sat in front of a computer and checking your email and chatting on IRC. 😛

The best ones win prizes and the cream of the crop bags a Technalign Flare MP4 player/recorder. Others can win a Flare mini or a Flare Micro.

This is where it is cool though – the videos can be made on any device, from a mobile phone to broadcast camera. You don’t have to have one of those hulking great cameras that is strapped to your waist that you see in behind the scenes documentaries. Your vids can be submitted in any recognised standard video format; there won’t be any obvious penalising or boot to the spuds for those souls who cannot manage to deliver a Theora file, although of course, you should all try to use Theora and spread the good love. The videos should be sent to

The comp is open now and closes 31st March. Judging will be performed by a panel of bods from both Technalign and Canonical. See this page for more details.

  • Mr b!

    I was with you all the way upto “Beer” … then it all went fuzzy. 😆

  • Miles

    But what [i]software[/i] could I actually use to produce videos on Linux ? I haven’t seen anything good in this field so far. Kino’s far too restricted on the DV format, Cinerella doesn’t even want to compile properly on my Ubuntu Edgy system…


  • jono

    Miles – hah! I agree, it sucks right now, but thats for you to figure out – I have never done any video stuff on Linux.

  • Suzan

    With Kino you can import MPEG-videos, too! Kino would be a perfect app, if it could handle more video formats.

    I did a video for a while ago with kino (the “Try Ubuntu” video). Maybe it do some more for this contest.

  • jono

    Oh, and for transcoding videos dvd:rip is really good – I used this for the Seraphidian YouTube videos. :)

  • Christian

    While Pitivi isn’t very useful as an editor yet, it do works very well as a transcoder already, so if all you need is to convert format X to Ogg for instance then try out Pitivi.

  • mrben

    I like the way that the link text reads .com, but points to .org :)

  • rudlavibizon

    @miles: I managed to compile cinelerra following this tutorial on ubuntu forums: Good news is its getting more and more stable the bad is its not so much user friendly. Its usable if you can spare a little time to learn , after all they used scissors to edit the first films at beginning of the 20th century. So how hard can it be?

  • dan_kent

    Try this for all your video editing needs;

    Avaialable as lovely debs

  • Stan

    You guys shouldn’t bother, it’s all mine! 😈

  • Occie

    :???:I dont get what to film a clip on