A title with no talk…nothing new

I wish I was a full-time web developer for one reason and one reason only – I would love to do a presentation extolling the greatness of Atom and give it the title Kicking RSS and Taking Names. You heard it here first people…

Anyone else have any comedy talk suggestions?

  • http://www.dun4d.com Jack

    Banger and Mash – The art of Korean cooking (bad taste :???:)

  • http://blog.mikeasoft.com Mike Sheldon

    I wrote RatRSSd (http://linux.mikeasoft.com/ratrssd.php) purely to capitalise on the joke potential, so there’s no excuse for you not to write a talk for the same reason ;).

  • http://www.stratos-online.nl StratoS

    “AJAX enabled XML object oriented web enabled mail-to links – and me”

    “RSS :: Reduced Space Symbology”

    “a meta conversation on the progress of world domination trough XML”