Happy Bacon

People of the world unite, for good news is afoot. Last week I complained bitterly that I had missed Decapitated and Hammerfall at our local club, and most gutted I was. Well it turns out that I am a pleb. Not just a pleb, but an idiot too. Why? Well, I got the month wrong – Decapitated play on the 21st Feb and Hammerfall on the 24th Feb!

I am a happy boy now. If you have bad news for me, don’t tell me today. If you want something or a favour do ask me, I am in a good mood and might do it. Might.

  • Götz Waschk

    Come on, just use the concert calendar of last.fm. You can import it into your desktop calender, it is very simple if you are using evolution-webcal.

  • jono

    G̦tz Рwill check into it. :)

  • http://www.davidpashley.com JD

    24th is in the middle of FOSDEM

  • jono

    JD – not at FOSDEM this year. :( Although :) because I see Hammerfall. :)

  • http://www.joeblog.info Joe

    Enjoy Hammerfall. They rock!