One of those little things…

Tonight I went to see Hammerfall play. It was awesome, as expected.

While stood there watching the band at the front, a drumstick came hurtling my way and I caught it. Inscribed with Anders Johansson, I was rather chuffed, and kept watching the band, spinning the stick round in my hand. A little later, a young kid and what looked like his older sister came and stood near me to watch the band. It was clear this was his first gig, with his sister clinging onto him for dear life. So, I tapped him on the shoulder and said “do you like Hammerfall then?” and he said “yeah! they are my fave band”, so I said to him “here, have this” and gave him the drumstick. I figured he would get much more of a kick out of it than me. His eyes lit up as I handed it to him. His sister told me it was his first gig, and he had just turned 13, so she took him for his birthday. She said that the drumstick will have really made his night.

I remember the buzz, the excitement and the adrenaline of going to my first gig (Donnington ’92 to see Iron Maiden for the curious) and I am pleased I could have helped make it a little more special.

This has nothing to do with free software, but is just one of those little experiences that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

  • Alberto Ruiz

    Yes it has to do with free software jono. The act of giving what you have (code, drumstick, whatever…) to make others happier and share the enthusiasm for something.

  • Zonker

    Definitely in keeping with the free software spirit. Damn nice of you.

  • Kristoffer

    Hey Jono, I am a fellow metalhead/linux enthusiast, and I happen to be from sweden (like hammerfall)… and a drummer. I just have to say – metal, dude. Cool. Btw, watching Jokosher anxiously, I have high hopes for it. Keep up the good work.

    Obligatory metal recommendation: check out Gojira. French Meshuggah-ish metal band, really heavy and awesome.

  • Anonymous

    They rock, and you rock for that action.

  • curson

    I remmeber my first concert (Dream Theater in a crappy place in Milan) with Elegy as supporter… and well, you’re surely that kid’s hero 😀 Well done, and yay for Hammerfall!

  • Götz

    Power Metal still sucks, but this was a good deed, be proud. By the way, I’m missing a headbanging smiley here : 😈

  • numpty

    Don’t you have to be over 16 to get into that sort of thing these days?! No wonder this country’s going to pot…