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My god! Its MY OWN bed!

Back from Ireland and here in the UK until March. At the start of March I head out to speak at The Free Software Open Days in Istanbul, Turkey. So, this is going to give me some solid time to catch up on things. First things first is my email situation. I am hoping to […]

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Skycon Talk: Done

Did my talk at Skycon today. It was an interesting experience as (a) I went to bed, somewhat inebriated at 4.30am, (b) I have a cold and cough and feel like shit and (c) I was the very first talk of the day, and everyone else got as equally hammered as we did. Nevertheless, there […]

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Thanks T-Mobile

Currently sat at East Midlands airport with the anger waiting to get on the plane. Amazingly, we had no car problems. I have also jammed a portable studio in my suitcase. Possibly expect a LUGRadio episode over the next few days. Possibly mind, I havent plugged the damn thing in yet… Next stop, Skycon.

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I was delighted to wake up today and see Jimmac’s Jokosher Waveform Mockups. This is one of the things I love most about Open Source and collaborative development – we all have our different skills and abilities, and when you take someone such Jimmac, with his excellent artistic abilities, it sparks new ideas and thoughts […]

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LUGRadio Live 2007 – Get those papers in!

Wow, we have been getting some pretty cool papers submitted for the glorious and spectacular LUGRadio Live 2007, but we are greedy for more. This blog gets aggregated on more sites than I care to imagine, so people, get submitting your papers NOW! and be a part of the legend that will be LUGRadio Live […]

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Jokosher YouTube’d

Adam Gautier has been kind enough to split into parts the Jokosher talk I did at LCA and put it on YouTube. So, Jokosher fans, check it out.

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Off to Skycon

Well, back in the UK, for a day and then out to Ireland this weekend for Skycon. We fly out on Thursday and return on Monday. While there I will be speaking about herding cats and influencing people. In addition to this, my fellow large gents in the LUGRadio team will also be speaking, that […]

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Well, day one of SCALE is over and I am just sat in the hotel restaurant having had breakfast. Yesterday was great. Good mix of exhibitors (much bigger than last year, about twice the size) and a good range of talks. My talk (Herding Cats) went pretty well. It was standing room only in the […]

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Over in LA right now for SCALE and having a good time. I got into LA at about 6pm last night, got to the hotel, dumped my bags, had a swift pint in the bar and met some of the organisers and familiar faces from last year. Then, the Rt Hon Ted Haeger and Erin […]

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Jokosher: Call For Testers

On Friday last week, Jokosher hit its feature freeze. This means that no new features will enter Jokosher and the next month will be spent purely on bug-fixing. As some of you will know, there has actually been little major new functionality in Jokosher since 0.2 – this release is about bug-fixing and getting Jokosher […]

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