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Album, on its way

The Big Red Recording has been going very well, and the songs have turned out great. There is however a delay – I will be releasing the songs at Midnight tonight (5 hours later) for some final refinements. We want to make sure this album is as solid as possible, so stay tuned folks. Thanks […]

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And the crazyness begins

Well, here it is, today is the big day. In a few hours at 7pm, after some pizza, the recording begins. Its going to be a busy 24 hours – lots to do. Oh, and I woke up today with a sore throat, which makes things interesting. Regular updates will appear on and regular […]

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Balancing discussion

Recently the subject of mailing list discussion and offensiveness has erupted in the community. This has been triggered by a joke being sent to a list and the fallout that ensued after it. I am not going to comment on the specifics of that incident, but instead look at what I consider a critical issue […]

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Song titles

I am pleased to announce the titles of the seven songs to appear on The Big Red Recording: Untouched Face What Is Me? Unfolded Notes Laying Broken Bones Death Lane Under a Blackened Sun Blood Red Day All lyrics are now finalised and complete, although there will no doubt be small changes when they are […]

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Organic interface design for GNOME

Interface design is a complex business. There are a great many schools of thought about how to build an effective interface, and ultimately no-one is 100% correct. Lots of theory, lots of academia, lots of opinion, but little hard evidence about what design constructs actually work best for general human-computer interaction. Recently I kicked off […]

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Update on TBBR

Quick update on The Big Red Recording. Pretty much all the songs are complete, and I am feverishly writing lyrics. I have written lyrics for three of the songs, and the fourth is on-going. One of the songs may be an instrumental – it sounds pretty cool without lyrics. I have also written all of […]

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Now I am about to become a Playstation 3 owner, things like psubuntu perk my interest. Am I the only person who thought it was Ubuntu for power supplies? Oh, and no, I won’t be running Linux on my PS3. I already have Linux running on pretty much everything in my house, and I bought […]

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This is living

I just ordered a Playstation 3. Oh yes, the fun is coming. I got this deal.

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The Big Red Recording draws closer

On Feb 26th I announced the Big Red Recording; an audacious goal to record a full album myself in 24 hours with Cello provided by my pal Emelye. On that day I had no music, no lyrics and no idea if any of this was possible. Now I have seven songs and over £1000 in […]

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Making us win: Integrating open content

One of the most notable changes in Feisty that I have been looking forward to is the updated Rhythmbox with its Jamendo and Magantune support: With this support you can browse, listen to, download and purchase albums right from within Rhythmbox. It is still very new and a touch buggy, and has a few quirks […]

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