Clarifying the Turkey cancellation

I just want to clarify that the reason I cannot make the Turkey trip not because of anything minor, but a health related issue that prevents me from traveling. I don’t particularly want to go into details, but rest assured I have done everything I can to try and get around this issue. I am really sorry for anyone who was planning to come and see me speak – it really is unavoidable.

  • Rob

    Get well soon.

  • Karl Lattimer

    Yeah man, get well soon, I suggest drinking whisky and lemon with a drop of honey. Cures all ills.

    You bloody well better make it to LRL and Guadec this year though 😉

  • jp

    You have bird flu?!? Hope it is nothing too serious/painful or bollock rotting, and you recover soon

  • Enver ALTIN

    I hope you’ll get well soon and I hope it’s nothing serious. Regards from Istanbul,


  • tats

    its something to do with the beard isnt it? 😉

    get well soon

  • Simon Stanford

    Hope it’s not too serious and you get it sorted soon.

    You might want to update the “Latest Events” section when you have a moment as it still shows you as being in Turkey.

  • jono

    Simon – fixed, thanks. :)

  • numpty

    Bird flu? :)

  • Felim Whiteley

    Broken banjo string ? ouch… 😛

  • Sakalli

    I am at the event you were supposed to speak. I heard that you were afraid that you’d catch an infectious disease in Turkey and that was the “health issue”. Is this really true?!

  • jono

    Sakalli – I am not going to go into details as this is a personal health related issue, but no, I was afraid to catch an infectious disease – I spoke to my doctor about my current health condition and he expressly advised me not to travel.

  • Pinocchio

    ubuntu– ;

  • Ozgur Karatas

    Hello, get well soon Jono..

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  • Zoe

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