Mobile, gone, idiot, me

That’s right folks, its that time of the year – I have lost my mobile phone again. I know, I know, I am an idiot, this is clear. If you have my phone number, please text me with your name so when it is working fully, I can add you to my phone book. Oh, and before anyone asks, yes I know you can back up phone numbers, but I didn’t. 😛

Sorry about the inconvenience, normal service will be resumed soon.

Oh, and for the mobile phone geeks, I got a Nokia N73.

  • Nick

    what? no Neo1973?

  • lgespee

    About not making backups, you know what they say: “In the plumber’s home the faucet leaks ;).”

  • matt

    You must have only lost the last one a couple of months ago. You need one of those chavvy lanyards. there must be some ubuntu branded ones somewhere.

  • curson

    Ok, probably I should be saying this but: “Again?” 😉

    Anyway, I’m happyly playing around with my new Nokia N73 since about a week, and I think you definitely found and amazing substitute for the lost one! Enjoy.

  • miek

    the N73 is damn slow :(

  • Brett

    I have a n73, had it for about a year and I’d recommend the first thing you do is upgrade the firmware as it’s terribly buggy unless you’ve got a fairly recent firmware.

  • Simon

    Upgrade the N73 to the Music Edition firmware. Solves a lot of issues with slowness, and improves the music player :)