So close

Eighty. English. Pounds. That is all that is needed to hit the £1000 mark for The Big Red Recording. Come on folks, let hit it within a week of the announcement. You international types are also welcome to donate. :)


For more details about where the money goes, and which good causes it supports, see this page.

  • Karl Lattimer

    Target appears to have been exceeded, not quite dramatically but at least it got there! In 5 days getting a grand for a grand scheme isn’t bad, be proud of yourself, and do a good job, no half measures please. I wanna rock to your hard earned, hard fought and won donationathon by the name of bacon.

  • Dave Neary

    You’d better not stop fundraising now just to prove me wrong 😉

  • jono

    Not stopping at all, I want to see just how much we can make. :)

  • John Drinkwater

    Just a shame you wont be able to hand a comedy cheque over on TV ! Well done, and keep pushing for more £ 😉

  • jono

    John – one of my many stupid ambitions is to hand over a comedy over-sized cheque on TV. Would be incredible. :)