Java for Ubuntu

JavaOne is shaping up to be a pretty cool conference. Unfortunately I won’t be able to head over as it is the same time as the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Spain. From the announcement there are some pretty interesting speakers there, and Jeff Bailey and Etienne Goyer will be speaking about writing Java applications for Ubuntu. Now Java is free software it offers a huge opportunity for free software development, and I am sure the session will be fascinating.

  • MagicFab

    Etienne will be at UDS, not JavaOne 😉

  • Laurent GUERBY

    Will we have a free (as in speech) jre plugin for mozilla in feisty?

  • Tom Marble


    Thanks for the plug! I really enjoyed UDS MTV and I fear it is unlikely for me attend Sevilla (due to the date overlap). I’m very much looking forward to seeing jbailey (and celebrating the arrival of sprout!) and talking about the renaissance of Java in GNU/Linux at JavaOne.


    As we have already passed code freeze for Feisty this is not yet ready (désolé)… (but soon :) !!!