This is living

I just ordered a Playstation 3. Oh yes, the fun is coming. I got this deal. :)

  • Janne

    Sony Playstation? the same Sony that installed rootkits on their customers computers, as part of their draconian DRM-scheme? The same Sony that ripped off GPL’ed code during that DRM-fiasco?

    Just wanted to make sure we are talking about same company here.

  • Tomas

    Now you are just silly :/. We all know what they have done but let the man be happy!

  • Jack

    To be fair on the PS3, if your looking for a good Linux box to run Blu Ray movies and have a fantastic graphics card (XGL?), then you’ve got one hell of a deal.

  • jono

    Janne – yeah and I suppose everything you have bought has been from an entirely ethical company. Companies like Sony are so big that they have good and bad parts – every large company is the same.

    Tomas – :)

    Jack – I am not all that fussed about Blu Ray (yet another Sony format), and I don’t plan on running Linux on the box. I am only wanting to play games. :)

  • Joel


    I bought mine friday, and I can tell you, IT RULES, and not only because of the games. Just try the pictures viewer app in diaporama mode, it’s really awesome. And put and audio CD in the reader, it retrieves titles from the net and starts playing with a nice visual. I know it not a revolution, but I’ve never seen something making things so smooth for a tv.

    I bought “Resistance” as a game which is pretty good, and tested motorstorm demo. Motorstorm is really cool.

    Well, as you can see, I enjoy my PS3, I hope you’ll enjoy your’s too.

  • Nik Butler

    be truthful now. you owning this format because you hope the next release of Guitar hero on the PS3 will enable you to set up your very own “Home” Concerts on-line without all that Second life scripting hassle. anyway have fun take some you time and enjoy the games. Just imagine the flame youd gotten if youd purchased a 360 !

  • Jerome G.

    1 word: Wii!

  • David Tenser

    Aww, you’re missing out on all the REAL fun! Get a Wii and enjoy true gaming fun! 😛

  • Matt

    pfft, Wii. HD is where its at.

  • Will Thompson

    Jack: XGL on a PS3? Haha hahaha ahahaha hahah!

    Go take a look at the section entitled “Graphics/Video” in .

    Oh look: you can only use the framebuffer. You can’t even use the ‘nv’ driver. Good luck getting XGL running on this thing. Also, good luck getting decent performance out of MythTV. Oh, and how about homebrew games using the hardware? Heh, hell no. So wait, what is it good for again?

    Jono: I would enjoy an interview with Sarah Whatshername about PS3 Linux. At LRL06 she promised that PS3 Linux would be less crippled than PS2 Linux, but…

  • Mike Cohen

    You should have bought a Wii.

  • neuro

    I shall taunt you mercilessly when I buy a PS3 in a few months for 300 quid. Muhahaha.

  • Armin Ronacher

    Well. Have fun with it. I also thought about buying one but at the moment there are no games I’m interested in. Wii is fun at the moment and until “Little Big Planet” for the PS3 is out i don’t have to buy another console 😀

    Regards, Armin

  • marko

    If you ever feel like trying out Ubuntu on your PS3, check out !

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