Now I am about to become a Playstation 3 owner, things like psubuntu perk my interest. Am I the only person who thought it was Ubuntu for power supplies? 😛

Oh, and no, I won’t be running Linux on my PS3. I already have Linux running on pretty much everything in my house, and I bought the PS3 for games. :)

  • Vincent

    Shame. I’d do it just because you can, now that Sony has been so open 😉

  • Movi

    Umm… what games? Are there any playable ones? ;]

  • AndrewB

    We all know in 6/7 months time on a rainy afternoon you will get around to downloading and installing GNU/Linux on there. 😆


  • Ben Foote

    I am very against anything Sony. They’re one of the most evil companies in existence. Why is it, that every platform they come out with has to have its own proprietary media format? Memory Stick Pro, UMD, Blu-ray, the list goes on. I used to own a Sony laptop, but sold it because I detested that all my friends laptops had 6 in 1 media readers when I got the damn proprietary Sony solution, and that was it.

    They need to learn to play nice with the rest of the industry. I mean, thanks to them alone, I won’t be buying anything in HD until the format wars are over between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.

    I’m letting my money do the talking. I don’t buy Sony music, Sony games, or anything else.

    Nowthen, I wasn’t posting this to discourage your purchase of the PS3 Jono, but merely to make you wise to what I consider a horrible company. I mean, I am actually pretty pleased that the PS3 is tanking. But at the same time, I’m upset with Nintendo because I STILL can’t find a Wii here in the states 😉

    Enjoy your PS3.

  • Ciego

    You know you want to put Ubuntu on there! If you decide to, you should definitely join the forums at psubuntu. I think this is a great way for people to get into Linux because we are all using the same hardware so new users may be able to better understand the configuration files and such. It is a little bit easier to troubleshoot too.

  • faded515

    Any reason you picked a PS3 over an Xbox 360 or Wii?

  • Roger

    edubuntu and psubuntu should merge into one distro and be called pseudobuntu!

  • walter

    Mr Jono Bacon: please answer the posts about your book: “practical php and mysql”

    there are people waiting for you to answer….

  • Máirín

    when you get it add me to your buddy list! my psn id is ‘mairin’

    also, sony is a huge company. while there are parts of sony that make me very unhappy, i dont have as much to gripe about with sony computer entertainment. i mean, the ability to run linux is built in to the ps3, it’s in the main ui, and they had wanted to ship it with discs (but didn’t have time). also, the ps3 not only has a memory stick slot, but it also has sd card and compact flash card slots.

    it sure beats an xbox 360, that’s for sure…. the backwards compatibility is nice too…

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