Album, on its way

The Big Red Recording has been going very well, and the songs have turned out great. There is however a delay – I will be releasing the songs at Midnight tonight (5 hours later) for some final refinements. We want to make sure this album is as solid as possible, so stay tuned folks. :)

Thanks for everyone for your your interest, and we are stunned how many people have been checking the blog and flickr photos as the recording as progressed. You lot have been incredible. :)

  • Scott

    Congratulation on completion of the album! I actually had forgotten to visit your website last night and assumed that you were beginning to record it tonight! I cannot wait to download and listen to it, that is, if Amarok’s Setup Wizard would complete without it becoming unresponsive; I’ll ensure that I have KGet launched and ready to download the album; including your previous works as soon as it’s released.

    I hope you are very much proud of yourselves Jono and Emelye. Congratulations once again.