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Connected diversity

I am sat on a train heading home from CeBit in Germany. CeBit is huge. Freaking, insanely, grandiosely massive. The hall we were in was the size of an aircraft hanger and there are 22 such halls. It takes ages just to walk from the start of CeBit to the end and they expect around […]

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Off to CeBit

At stupid-o-clock tomorrow morning I get on a train, to travel to an airport, to get on a plane, to fly to Hannover for CeBit. I will be there with my Canonical Cohorts on the Canonical stand at F74/1 Hall 1 and also with the always excellent ubuntu-de community team who are at Hall 5, […]

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Ubuntu on Dell machines

Our friends at Dell have opened a survey asking for feedback about which Linux distribution they should install on their machines. Any Linux support would be a win, but naturally I favor Ubuntu. So, Ubuntu community people – head over and make your vote count! Lets really make Dell realise the demand for Ubuntu on […]

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I have recently discovered comedy gold on YouTube – music video interpretations. The basic idea is that someone takes a song and makes a video with an interpretation of the lyrics, to great comedy effect. It seems YouTube is teeming with them, and here are some of the good ones I have discovered for some […]

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Another kicking example

Congratulations to Jerome, Jucato, Zakame, Diane, Yolynne, Dominique, Myra, Clair and Joanna from ubuntu-ph for doing an excellent job representing Ubuntu at the FOSS Fiesta Event. Jerome has details of the event, as well as photos. This is just one of many examples of the Ubuntu LoCo community doing incredible work. The Ubuntu LoCo community […]

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Devious Fedora plans afoot

Max is a legend, as usual. Funny bugger. Promise me one thing though Max, that when the Fedora logo is airbrushed on there, I can wear the Jacket one last time? I am pretty sure its going to make a cool jacket. And yes indeed, we are all part of the same freedom-loving cause. Maybe […]

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Java for Ubuntu

JavaOne is shaping up to be a pretty cool conference. Unfortunately I won’t be able to head over as it is the same time as the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Spain. From the announcement there are some pretty interesting speakers there, and Jeff Bailey and Etienne Goyer will be speaking about writing Java applications for […]

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Another nugget of wisdom for you all

I have discovered a comedy gem: Tear off a tiny piece of paper and roll it up into a little ball that can fit between your thumb and forefinger. Holding said ball, pretend to pick your nose with your fingers, hiding the ball near your nostril. Stare at someone in the room, and when they […]

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Borderline blow-back

When working with people, clarity of service is always important. The minute you start stretching the limits of service, mistrust sets in and cynicism takes hold. If you engage in clear, honest and transparent processes and offers, the people you are talking to you are far more likely to work with you. Transparency is not […]

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LoCo Docs Day a Success

Congratulations to the incredible Ubuntu LoCo Community for an excellent LoCo Docs Day on March 3rd. A number of documents were refined and improved on the day, including: LoCoDocsDay Lo Co Creating Forum Lo Co Working With Other Groups Lo Co Running Installfests LoCoReview LoCoTeamHowto Lo Co Team Docs To Do LoCoFAQ LoCoTeamMeeting Lo Co […]

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