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Charity Mate

Yes! We hit the £1000 mark for the Big Red Recording!! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Now, lets see if we can hit £2000 – there are still 26 days until the recording begins, so plenty of time to DONATE! In other charity news, Paul Cooper has put a jacket of mine […]

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So close

Eighty. English. Pounds. That is all that is needed to hit the £1000 mark for The Big Red Recording. Come on folks, let hit it within a week of the announcement. You international types are also welcome to donate. DONATE! For more details about where the money goes, and which good causes it supports, see […]

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Mobile, gone, idiot, me

That’s right folks, its that time of the year – I have lost my mobile phone again. I know, I know, I am an idiot, this is clear. If you have my phone number, please text me with your name so when it is working fully, I can add you to my phone book. Oh, […]

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Clarifying the Turkey cancellation

I just want to clarify that the reason I cannot make the Turkey trip not because of anything minor, but a health related issue that prevents me from traveling. I don’t particularly want to go into details, but rest assured I have done everything I can to try and get around this issue. I am […]

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