I Hate Heathrow II: The Plot Thickens

Hey! Guess what? I am still in England.

It turns out I need a paper ticket to get on the plane, and despite (a) there being a reservation for me in my full name, (b) me having the full credentials with my passport and (c) being able to give them all details about my travel agent, they would not let me board the plane. The reason? A concern that the ticket could be used again, despite the fact that someone with said credentials and name would have checked into the reserved seat. Nuts.

Anyway, my travel agency is onto it and all going well I should be on the plane tonight, arriving a day late. So, more Heathrow fun and games for me.

More info as I get it…

  • http://popey.com Alan Pope

    Welcome to 1988-Air!

    Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I had to fly and have a bit of paper to do. Come on, out the airline and their backward ways!

  • http://vlog.gwallgofi.com JGJones

    Now that’s a bummer of the highest order…

    I shall be watching to news to hear about the latest terrorist running amok in Heathrow unless you’re very good at managing your temper!

  • http://jimmac.musichall.cz Jakub Steiner

    What? So they sell e-tickets you cannot use? And I thought considering a toothpaste to be a deadly device was insane…

  • davisc

    Sheesh – can you not make it to 1 conference you’re speaking at on time? 😆

  • http://baa-scandal.blogspot.com/ FrankR

    It can be even worse: Look what they did to me at Heathrow airport: http://baa-scandal.blogspot.com/